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We raise healthy block head Rottweiler puppies and European rottweiler for sale with a look and behavior that will steal your heart. Above all, we are a top Rottweiler Breeder and we produce purebred AKC block head Rottweiler puppies for sale.

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Block Head Rottweiler Puppies Made with Love


That is to say, here you will discover the irresistible puppies from the German blockhead Rottweiler breeder Happy Rottweilers Kennel and learn why our Rottweiler puppies for sale are so different and unique. Further, these adorable little rottie puppies come in a variety of eye-catching colors.

Who can say? To sum up, you might just come across the Rottweiler puppy of your dreams!


Exceptional Quality

In our breeding program, we include rotties that we believe are some of the best Rottweiler stud dogs available. For instance, we prefer big males with substance and bone, who exude strength and confidence, have solid headpieces, and are well put together.


To ensure their health and the health of their offspring, breeding Rottweiler dogs undergo a variety of tests. To clarify, all puppies are sold under contract and come with a written hip and health guarantee as well as lifetime breeder support.


Moreover, our European Rottweiler puppies for sale are masterfully crafted, and their charming personalities and endearing behavior will seduce you. However,  a Rottweiler puppy is a truly loyal and loving companion.

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Our block head Rottweiler puppies and European Rottweiler are AKC registered (some are dual registered with the German SV; FCI) and OFA, German SV, or FCI hip dysplasia free. So, the majority of the Rottweilers in our kennel are from highly regarded European show and working lines. Similarly, for our breeding program, we occasionally travel to Germany to hand-pick working dogs from complementary bloodlines.

In addition, our Rottweilers are of sound mind, proper breed type, substantial size and bone, and eager to please. In short, you have come to the right place if you are looking for a Rottweiler puppy as a personal protection dog, working dog, show dog, or simply a loyal and loving family companion. Likewise, Happy Rottweilers Kennel is capable of doing it all!

Winner of the Best Block Head Rottweiler Kennel award. National Specialty Sieger Show of the American Rottweiler Club

Best Rottweiler Kennel

Bloodlines from Happy Rottweilers Kennel can be found in pedigrees from all over the world. In this Kennel, our world champion stud force is unmatched, and we produce the best German Rottweiler puppies in collaboration with our top German imported breeding females. Firstly, Happy Rottweilers Kennel is America’s most experienced Rottweiler import, show, and breeding kennel. Secondly, our achievements at AKC, ADRK, USRC, and FCI venues around the world speak for themselves; please take the time to read through all of this important information.

However, don’t be fooled by imitators or others looking to profit from our reputation; we have dominated the Rottweiler competition in America for decades. Thirdly, and most importantly, we are one of the pioneers to introduce the block head Rottweiler breeding procedure to the United States, and it all started here at Happy Rottweilers Kennel. Moreover, our website includes rottweiler puppy images, generations of our breeding line, rottweiler articles, rottweiler education, and is just a taste of our devotion to this incredible breed.


Our breeding program produces Rottweiler puppies for sale from some of the best breeding stock in the world. In other word, outstanding German Rottweiler breeding for over three decades.

Moreover, our Rottweiler puppy breeding program is founded on superior European Rottweiler or German blockhead rottweiler breeding techniques that have been used for over a century. Because of this, we are able to create great Rottweiler puppies using these methods for any home, show, or sporting event.

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Professional Training

Above all, we work with trainers from all over the United States, so we are more than happy to assist you in finding the right trainer for you.

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Health Guarantee

Most importantly, we are so confident in our World Champion pedigrees that we offer a two-year FREE replacement guarantee and a prorated LIFETIME guarantee for hereditary defects.

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Veterinary Testing

Certainly, we are proud to be one of the few breeders in the United States that conducts extensive DNA testing to ensure that you receive a proper, healthy puppy the first time.